Cohen-Sutherland Line Clippings

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Cohen-Sutherland Line Clippings algorithm uses the clipping window as shown in the following figure. The minimum coordinate for the clipping region is (XWmin,YWmin)(XWmin,YWmin) and the maximum coordinate for the clipping region is (XWmax,YWmax)(XWmax,YWmax).

Cohen-Sutherland Line Clippings

We will use 4-bits to divide the entire region. These 4 bits represent the Top, Bottom, Right, and Left of the region as shown in the following figure. Here, the TOP and LEFT bit is set to 1 because it is the TOP-LEFT corner.


Step 1 − Assign a region code for each endpoints.

Step 2 − If both endpoints have a region code 0000 then accept this line.

Step 3 − Else, perform the logical ANDoperation for both region codes.

Step 3.1 − If the result is not 0000, then reject the line.

Step 3.2 − Else you need clipping.

Step 3.2.1 − Choose an endpoint of the line that is outside the window.

Step 3.2.2 − Find the intersection point at the window boundary (base on region code).

Step 3.2.3 − Replace endpoint with the intersection point and update the region code.

Step 3.2.4 − Repeat step 2 until we find a clipped line either trivially accepted or trivially rejected.

Step 4 − Repeat step 1 for other lines.


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