Looking For The Best Books To Learn PHP?

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If you are looking for Best books to learn PHP.
You have come to the right page. I have compiled a list of some of the best books (In my opinion) on PHP learning and programming. These books should help you learn basic and advanced concepts of PHP development.
There is a saying that “Books are the man’s best friends”. In reality you may come across pals who might share all their knowledge and skills to you. Don’t bother books will do it, indiscriminately!. And the advantage books as a friend is that you can refer them when you need it, Books won’t deny or give you excuse.

No doubt Technology has reduced paper waste by providing an ocean of information virtually, but buying books, especially academic books would never stop unless the world ends.
To know what is PHP you click here and what is MySQL click here
Its easy to learn any other programming language is you have learned programming with any other language (C, C# Java* etc).Even though if you don’t have any idea about coding or programming you can easily learn PHP. By referring the any of the following book list.

1.Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript by Robin Nixon

Topics covered in this book:

• Basics of object-oriented programming
• Master MySQL
• Create web pages with PHP and MySQL
• Learn about JavaScript, CSS and HTML5
• How to create compelling and dynamic web pages.
• How to manipulate CSS properties from JavaScript
• Upload and manipulate files and images
• Learn how to create a social networking site

2. A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Interactive Web Applications with PHP by – Alan Forbes

Topics covered in this book:

• Installing and configuring PHP
• Introduction to HTML
• Basic PHP Syntax
• Variables, Numbers, Dates and Strings
• Control Structures
• How to use MySQL Database
• Using PHP and MySQL Together
• How to create forms
• Working with Images
• PHP Quirks and Tips
• Security Considerations

3. PHP & MySQL Novice to Ninja – by Kevin Yank

Topics covered in this book:

• Introducing PHP & MySQL
• Publishing MySQL Data on the Web
• Relational Database Design
• Structured PHP Programming
• Content Management System
• Content Formatting
• Cookies, Sessions, and Access Control
• MySQL Administration
• Advanced SQL Queries

4. Head First PHP & MySQLby Lynn Beighley & Michael Morrison
Topics covered in this book:

• Transform HTML pages into Dynamic websites using PHP
• Create your own MySQL database tables
• Perform practical MySQL queries with joins
• Use cookies and sessions to track visitors’ login information and personalize the site for users
• Protect your data from SQL injection attacks
• Validate information on forms
• Dynamically display text based on session
• Create images on the fly
• Pull data associated with other sites

5. PHP: A Beginner’s Guide – by Vikram Vaswani
Topics covered in this book:

• Using Variables and Operators
• Controlling Program Flow
• Working with Arrays
• Using Functions and Classes
• Working with Data from Other Sources
• Handling Errors
• Securing and Extending PHP
and some more you may have.

6.Solutions & Examples for PHP Programmers by David Sklar
7.New Features and Good Practices of PHP by Josh Lockhart
8.Visual QuickPro Guide by Larry Ullman


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