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  • Xamarin

What is Xamarin Forms?

So, what is Xamarin Forms? Xamarin Forms is a library that enables you to build native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using a single C# code base. Build stunning cross-platform user interfaces Xamarin.Forms is [...]

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Earn Money : Monetize your Social Presence

Now you can monetize you online presence and earn 1$ or even more just for performing simple 2-4 Steps taks. all You need is a Valid LinkedIn account ( With your Clear Profile Picture) and [...]

Pointer Definition in C++

For a C++ program, computer memory is like succession memory cells, each holding one-byte size and having a unique address. Dealing with these memory addresses in programming is done by pointers. Pointers are extremely powerful [...]

Loops in C++

Sometimes it is necessary in the program to execute the statement several times, and C++ loops execute a block of commands a specified number of times until a condition is met. In this post, you will [...]

Decision Making in C++

C++ conditional statements allow you to make the decision, based upon the result of a condition. These statements are called as Decision Making Statements or Conditional Statements. So far, we have seen that all set of statements in a [...]

What are the Functions in C++

As we all know functions play an important role in programming. Driving programs into functions is one of the major principles of programming. In C, they are called functions but in C++ they are termed [...]

Storage Classes in C++

The storage class is used to specify control two different properties: storage life-time and scope(visibility) of variables. Following storage classes can be used in a C++ Program: Automatic External Static Register Automatic(auto) Storage Class Variable [...]

Data Types available in C++

Data types in any of the language mean that what are the various type of data the variables can have in that particular language. Information is stored in a computer memory with different data types. Whenever [...]