Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development: Global and India Concern

Introduction-  Modem state may be a state trying to resolve divergent socio-economic issues to produce higher living conditions to the folks. Intrinsically the trendy state is committed to produce an environment whereby no man sheds tears. surroundings protection and containing surroundings pollution is one in every of the policy measures needed to be undertaken by the state for a healthy lifetime of the folks tried to balance between the 2 important variables of property development and healthy surroundings policy.

Public awareness in reference to world environmental reciprocity has inflated quite considerably. There has been associate degree urge on a part of the final public moreover because the non-governmental organizations to require some concrete measures to mitigate or avoid the main environmental issues facing the globe. It’s wide accepted that ecological and environmentally audio system may be a pre-requisite for the healthy life and growth of world any, it conjointly emphasizes that associate degree surroundings, free from the hazards of commercial pollution is needed to be created an elementary and excusable right.

The political processes are needed to treat environmental values as intrinsic to economic values. Ought to even be urged that a sound surroundings policy should rest on the requirement of taking under consideration the standard of world surroundings, whereas formulating national environment policy. It a herculean task and needs active public participation within the formulation of such surroundings policies during a country. because the construct of equity and justice being vital problems with any democratic polity, it needs to be correct concerns in protective the surroundings from varied hazards to human life and thereby offer a congenial surroundings for the healthy growth of the world.

All such developments, on the a part of the folks, thoughtful bodies’ executive-agencies and judiciary, may be thought of a positive and healthy step the a part of the states for having accorded bigger significance to environmental problems within the modern times

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