Some common android phone security threats

There are multiple steps you can take to ensure Android security threats and protect your Android device.  From viruses and from clutch of Black Hat Hackers.

Listing 5 common android phone security threats, and simple solutions for mitigating the threats:

  1. Security threats and Suspicious Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are most preferred medium to attack by the black hats.

Malware and other scripts can easily be hidden within the source code of these Android mobile apps you download through the Google Play store or elsewhere. It is important to know from where you are downloading your app and what permissions these apps require to install and run on your device.

Tips: Stay away from third-party applications, as in most of the attacks they play a major role.

  1. Security threats with Email Links and Downloads

One of the oldest forms of Android security threats are those, which are sent in a malicious email or links. If you have  a message that suggests going to a suspicious-sounding website or there is an unsolicited attachment. It is best to delete the email. The easiest way to stay away from this type of threat is to tell anyone that may potentially email you to put a subject title that clearly identifies the subject matter. So make sure you know that the content is safe.

Tips: Do not open mails and attachments from unknown sources.

  1. Security threats in forms of Bots

Its bit difficult to recognize Bots as they come in various forms. They also may cause numerous issues to your Android security. Bots are sometimes able to act as a key logger. Which means they can give your login information to cyber-criminals that will use it for spam or to steal your identity. This threat is best put to rest by staying away from third-party apps that appear suspicious and to avoid downloading un-trusted software.


1: Do Not open links which seems suspicious or which came from unknown source or person.

2: Don’t install any software which do not have a well know publisher/source.

  1. Stolen Phone

In case if you lost your phone or stolen. It is a good idea to implement a password that locks your phone from strangers being able to use your phone. If someone happens to find your lost phone and decides to infect it with Trojans or other malware before giving it back to you. They will not be able to access. It is a simple, fast, and easy solution to keeping your Android security ideal.

Tips: Use Android Device manager and keep your device location on to track your phone location and lock it Remotely when needed.

  1. Security threats with Wi-Fi

Despite being a wonderful way to have internet available anywhere. Wi-Fi does have the potential of causing problems and leak your credential.

There are various ways and software’s that even an amateur can hack the wifi Networks. And see all the information’s and data which you send or receive. It is best not to use sensitive information such as using your banking app on open wifi network’s in public area.

Tips: Make sure you use your personal mobile data.

Clean your Browsers data before accessing any wifi networks.

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